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Letter: Unrepresented

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

In each Congressional district, we look for a person that will represent us as a district. When you invite your representative to events and in 10 years your representative does not show up, that tells us we are not being represented.

Representative Rob Wittman has been invited over 10 years to two community forums and one membership meeting via Zoom. When you email the email address that you can find,, and get no answer, there is a problem. (I bet if it was a financial contribution, it would have been answered.)

It is now 2022, time for a change. Our representatives should just not be popping up at an event during his campaigning year. We challenge every person in the 1st District to think about policy, not party. Right now, we have a representative that only visits groups he is comfortable with. We are just like everyone else; we are only looking for answers. Be reminded: Representative Wittman has voted against everything th...

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