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Letter: Universal background check is needed

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

So many letters to the editor of the Gazette-Journal in the Aug. 15 edition as to why our country needs no further gun control laws and specifically universal background checks. In order to bolster the writers’ pro-gun stance, these letters are always referring to the 2nd Amendment, the intentions of the Founding Fathers, people losing their freedom to bear arms, or the rights of gun owners to protect themselves. The letter writers are not in danger of losing their guns, yet they criticize legislation that would create laws that might possibly save lives but not take away their right to own guns. Why?

These letter writers talk about the same, old points that they stretch and delude to promote their position. But they have nothing to fear in their lives except another gun owner. Why can’t they compromise and support universal background checks so that there is a control point at gun shows and other venues where sociopaths, the mentally disturbed an...

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