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Letter: Unintended consequences

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Is it ever in a person’s interest to win a battle knowing that by doing so you will lose the war? Many Christians believe that praying before a board meeting or refusing health insurance issues that are before the court this year are at odds with their faith and a constitutional right. The courts will decide.

Many look at issues such as these as a foothold in which a religion can methodically gain control of government, which is unconstitutional and creating a precedent for further action. You see this methodology daily in the news, from changing zoning to test cases for signs. I see it as dangerous.

Any argument that someone you like uses, someone you don’t can also use—such as, if you must accommodate prayer in schools, then you must accommodate equally any religion who asked. This could mean schools starting their day praying in a manner you don’t approve of and, no, you cannot dictate how it is done. If you just bow your head...

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