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Letter: Unfairly painting SCV as racist organization

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

I take strong exception to the ignorant and slanderous remarks in last week’s letter to the editor (“Send a message that the KKK is unwelcome,” Feb. 21 Readers Write) where the author states that she is “not surprised” that the “KKK should think that Mathews County is a hospitable place to recruit members and spew its hate speech” given “the overt adoration of the Confederacy across our county.”

The inference is based on activities of the Lane-Armi-

stead Camp of the Sons of Confederate Veterans in raising flags and other efforts to support our Southern history. The SCV is a heritage group which requires proof of lineal descent from a veteran and is “dedicated to the defense of the Confederate soldier’s good name” including thousands of African-Americans, Native Americans and Jewish-Americans, without whom the Confederacy could not have existed.

Our adoration and love is for our ancesto...

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