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Letter: Unalienable rights

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

The Gloucester County School Board chair avoided my Constitutional mandate, informing me I had no Constitutional right to be on the GCSB agenda. The purpose was to teach GCSB trustees/servant the terms of their Express Trust Indentures, U.S. and Virginia Constitutions, their contract with the people, to protect their rights. GCSB governing body continually usurps people’s rights.

In contrast, the SCOTUS 9-0 opinions support rights of the people against government encroachment. Justice Gorsuch confirmed the people are sovereign, stated “we don’t usually say the government can avoid a Constitutional mandate by relabeling or moving things around…”

By what Constitutional authority can GCSB chair relabel people’s sovereign power as “no Constitutional right”? Or to prohibit public input at the GCSB budget planning meeting to spend the People’s money?

People give SCOTUS Constitutional mandates to publicly answer such questions as: If agencies and corporat...

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