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Letter: Unacceptable

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Often, we, as human beings, let emotion get the best of us. This happened at the last board of supervisors’ meeting in Mathews. However, that does not excuse the behavior of Supervisor Mason. Her reaction to Supervisor Walls’s protest of board procedure was uncalled for.

Mr. Walls was making a point of procedure within his right as a board member about the time limit on Supervisor’s Reports. According to the bylaws, Supervisors are limited to 10 minutes. At this time, the chairman may suspend further presentation at his discretion. Mr. Walls was asking the chairman to make that call.

Ms. Mason decided it was a personal attack on her and chose to play the race card. Not only did she accuse Mr. Walls of being a racist, but she also accused him of being sexist. Then, when Mr. Walls took umbrage at Ms. Mason’s comment, she repeatedly yelled at Mr. Walls and let him know that she resents him. After her outburst, Ms. Mason doubled down. She called Mr. Walls...

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