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Letter: Ukraine’s suffering has a wide reach

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

The death and suffering we watch happening in Ukraine every day seems so remote, almost enough to make it seem unreal. The inhumanity of the horrors inflicted on a civilian population are grim reminders of another European war where another despot killed millions to satisfy his greed for power and control. That war too seems impossible to imagine.

The only term appropriate for today’s bloodshed is genocide. And the fighting, the eviction of mothers and children from their homes, the separation from loved ones and the removal of sick and indigent patients from hospitals and nursing homes continues without remorse from a conquering nation’s overpowering force.

All of this devastation and fear and worry extend far beyond the borders of Ukraine. Yes, all of these conditions affect some of our Mathews newcomer neighbors who have immediate family and other relatives still trapped there and hoping to escape. Fortunately, so far, they have been able to at lea...

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