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Letter: U.S. leaving millions of citizens behind

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

The debate in Washington over the budget/deficit should give everyone pause. "Everyone should pay their fair share." "It’s a spending problem," great lines no substance. Lines such as these are spouted by our leaders daily with facts that when found false minutes later are basically lies, of which both sides are guilty, separating people and creating the apathy seen in American Politics. These are the same facts we debate our neighbors with.

It has been re ported that 45 million Americans lack health care, the same number is reported to only live above the poverty line with the help of Social Security. It has also been reported that 10,000 Americans reach retirement age daily and will for about the next 10 years (baby boomers). Then you have the perpetually poor, for a lack of better explanation. This is where the debate should be. A group roughly one third of the U.S. population and growing is negatively impacting our nation and...

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