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Letter: Tuchman’s Law and U.S. involvement

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

“The fact of being reported multiplies the apparent extent of any deplorable development by five- to tenfold.”

Tuchman’s Law has been defined as a psychological principle of “perceptual readiness” or “subjective probability.” Which means when you keep repeating terrible photos of the suffering masses of Ukrainians, you increase the probability of the U.S being in a head-to-head fight with the Russians.

If we do for any reason or excuse, we will pull the entire world into a nuclear war. We won’t need TV cameras to bring us scenes of devastation and horror. Nor of disease and pestilence. We will be able to walk into Gloucester and see the ruins of our pleasant Ville. But on the bright side, most of us may be killed the first day.

There is no technicality in Vladimir Putin’s mind which would allow us to get involved in his exercise to regain total control in Ukraine without the risk of nuclear world war. And a thousand CNN pundits saying it won’t will...

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