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Letter: Trump violates Christian tenets

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Folks often recognize others as “good Christians.” The words are an expression of one’s values, belief and faith. It is an aspiration. It is stunning, then, that so many support a presidential candidate who slaps the tenets of Christianity in the face almost daily.

Are you really ready to elect Trump, an individual who repeatedly lies openly to the public? A recent example is his denial of his support for the Iraq war, and his pinning of the “Birther” movement on Clinton’s 2008 presidential campaign staff. There is a commandment that addresses bearing false witness.

He also invites harm to others suggesting that Clinton’s bodyguards disarm to see what will happen her. Does a person’s life and well-being mean nothing to him? There is a commandment that addresses that too. 

Christianity promotes the idea that we are our brother’s keeper. Yet Trump’s business practices hurt those who are economic...

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