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Letter: Trump: A terrible president

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

After reading the recent letter, “Trump: A great president” (Aug. 2 Readers Write), I am again convinced we live in different news universes resulting in completely different views of reality.

Trump ran on “Make America Great Again.” Until Trump, I though America was already great. Somehow, Trump convinced many Americans that we were in terrible shape and only he could fix it. Since Trump has been president, in my news universe, Trump has been an embarrassing disaster for America and the world.

He has told countless lies, insulted our allies, praised our adversaries, started destroying our environment (including our Chesapeake Bay), attacked our First Amendment guarantee of a free press, attacked our law and intelligence agencies, while dangerously increasing our federal deficit.

The stock market has not “steadily” increased, but has been flat since February. Unemployment has not “dropped,” but has continued t...

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