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Letter: True courage comes from within

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

I will try to respond to Dawn Dale’s letter (“Fear destruction from within,” Dec. 11 Readers Write) as directly as possible. Ms. Dale covers a wide range of issues.

Ms. Dale seems to be confusing gender identity (a person’s private sense of their gender) with biological sex (the outward physical characteristics). Whether by nature or by nurture, a person’s gender identity is formed around age 3 or 4. A person does not just suddenly decide to feel male or female. An individual might not reveal until much later in life how they identify due to social stigma. Physical characteristics are of course determined by the combining of either X or Y chromosomes.

The only self-centered attitude I see here is Ms. Dale turning a gender identity social issue into a platform for her personal religious rant. The mother and civil liberty groups are not exploiting anything. They are protecting the right of this individual to fair and equal treatme...

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