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Letter: Troubled by tone in editorial

Editor, Gazette-Journal:


I was not surprised to read that the Gazette-Journal endorsed the Democrat in the special election. However, I am troubled by the Editor’s tone.


It is clear the Mr. Lewis has had a distinguished career in the House of Delegates and I am not willing to say that 10 years makes him a “career politician,” the term that Mr. Coleman allegedly has used to portray Mr. Lewis in an unfavorable light. I also suspect that Mr. Coleman’s desire to portray himself as an “amateur” refers only to his political career and not his entire life experience.


The Editor has chosen to quickly dismiss any concerns about Mr. Lewis as insignificant in light of the seemingly diligent and professional job he has done in the House of Delegates to date. This is an endorsement editorial, so maybe there is no need to delve into greater detail with examples of his achievements. Yet, on the other hand, the Editor dismisses cri...

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