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Letter: Treat addicts; locking up is not the solution

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Addiction does not discriminate. Its reach is widespread. Its victims can vary across racial, economic, and geographical lines. This tragic disease affects all income levels, from the rich to the poor, educated to illiterate. Religious or atheist, no one is left out of its reach.

Those suffering from this devastating disease can be a complete stranger, possibly a neighbor, or closer, a dearly loved one. There are no boundaries for addiction to take root. Its victims range in the millions, estimated at 23 million globally.

Opioids specifically have caused our nation’s President to declare the U.S. opioid crisis a public health emergency. These drugs are killing more than 90 Americans a day. They are devastating families, overwhelming health care providers, law enforcement and social services. This crisis is even beginning to erode the nation’s workforce and undermine companies’ ability to hire.

So who stands a chance against this deadly dis...

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