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Letter: Trade pacts are destroying American sovereignty

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Do you ever call a tech and can’t understand what they are saying? Or is your income not keeping up with rising prices? Or you can’t find goods that have been made in America?

The trade pact NAFTA has contributed to all of these things. It has led to lower wages, job losses, outsourcing, and even a loss of American sovereignty. Trade pacts such as NAFTA are regional arrangements that are foreign governing bodies that take control over not just trade but also regulations that have nothing to do with trade.

For example, the proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) has only five of its 29 chapters that actually deal with trade. They are detrimental to our economy and would lead to the eventual economic and political integration of the United States with 11 or more Pacific Rim nations and the European Union (EU).

The once sovereign nations in Europe joined the EU having been sold on the premise that it would be good for their economy. Today, the EU ...

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