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Letter: Time to give thanks

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Every year, the Gazette-Journal invites readers to write in and tell what they are thankful for. What a wonderful way to remind ourselves of the true “reason of the season.” However, every year the number of letters seems to dwindle.

My estimate is that there are probably at least 50 churches throughout Gloucester, Mathews and parts of Middlesex where the paper is distributed. If they have an average of 100 members, that would be about 5,000 churchgoers. Some churches don’t have that many members, but some have more and I suspect there is a great number of Christians who don’t attend any church for various reasons.

When Jesus healed the 10 lepers in Luke 17, only one came back to thank Him out of the ten. That’s pretty sad. But when a mere five letters come into the newspaper out of 5,000 possibilities, that’s more than sad. That’s frightening!

We haven’t (as Christians) been healed of leprosy (a horrible, disfiguring disease), but we have been hea...

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