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Letter: Time to choose

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Two strange candidates for president, unlike any in the past. We know what Hillary Clinton would do and none of it is good for our country … unless you want to turn the Supreme Court far left, change the 1st and 2nd Amendments to suit her twisted ideas, follow the rocky road set by Obama and further weaken our military.

We know Mr. Trump has no political experience, but that would be a plus for us, considering how Clinton’s history is filled with deception, lies and excuses. But her hypocrisy when speaking of Mr. Trump’s prior comments about women exposes her faults even more. Not only did she lie to cover up her husband’s foul behavior when president, she also verbally attacked the women that made complains against him!

We have to choose, and I will give Mr. Trump a chance rather than give Hillary Clinton one more opportunity to damage and weaken our country, as she definitely would do.

Dawn Dale

Hayes, Va. ...

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