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Letter: Thoughts on the 2022 election

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

We start a new year with President Biden and Congress focusing on their agendas once again. What exactly are their priorities going into this coming year? Covid and the Build Back Better Bill.

Common sense tells the American people the more money you borrow and spend, the more inflation you will cause. Who is and will continue to suffer from inflation? The middle class and the poor will see more taxes as a result of further spending. Do they think we are so stupid not to realize they do not care about the people of this country?

It is true that George Soros is behind the CRT “woke” counter culture and totalitarianism in his open society propaganda. His theory would consist of a dictatorship of a group of power holders. My next questions are: Where are all the conservative billionaires and millionaires in this country who believe in democracy and our Constitution? Why aren’t they standing up and fighting alongside the American people to preserve our na...

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