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Letter: Thoughts on recent letters

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

In the June 8 letters to the editor, I found a trio of interesting approaches to a subject. The first, “Promoting the general welfare” by Rob Quartel is one of the best, if not the best, I’ve read over the years. I’d say that even if I disagreed, which I don’t. (Mr. Quartel, I hope we get to meet someday.) The letter holds all the elements of a defense of an argument. Facts supported by established references. This author understands what the “common good” is and, I suspect, practices that understanding.

On the other hand is “The founders’ Marxist leanings?” Interesting since even the use of “proto-marxists” gives the founders credit for philosophies not written until 1848 and many not published until after Marx’s death in 1883. I refer the author to the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy and to Wikipedia (internet both) for Lenin, the actual interpreter of Marxism. Also, I hope I am misinterpreting the author’s comments on voting rights for non-white m...

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