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Letter: Thoughts on evolution and Creationism

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

During the Dark Ages, there emerged a forerunner to what we now call science. It was loosely based on supposition and observation. It evolved rather quickly over the years and was given a type of birthright by Charles Darwin.

He proposed that human beings came from simpler forms of living matter. This idea ran counter to the Bible belief in man’s creation. Satan fueled Darwin’s fire and obtained many believers in Darwin’s theory. Since the time of Darwin, Christian scientists have tried to refute the former’s findings. Among those most successful is an astronomer named Ross, whose colleagues work closely as Creationists. Their work has been influential in supporting the Creationist viewpoint.

Early on, man has attempted to explain the origin of creation itself. Ross and others subscribe to the Big Bang Theory.

There have been explanations for the geometric column. All such speculation supports the argument for a great flood. He...

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