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Letter: Thoughts on espionage

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

I worked for the Navy for over 27 years and was interested in that former Naval officer and his wife are charged with being willing to sell nuclear power plant secrets to a foreign company. It was 1964 when I started work for the Navy’s nuclear power program on the USS Skate, SNN 578, and was introduced to the new security program NORFORN which was introduced by Adm. Rickover as a means to control the secrets of the nuclear propulsion system on Navy ships.

This meant anything written in our office about a nuclear ship was considered as Not Releasable to Foreign Nationals and it was a security system separate from OUO (Official Use Only), and carried a greater control than even Crypto Systems. Anything written in our office or typed and carried anything about a nuclear ship had to be shredded or burned, not to go into any wastebasket. Therefore, that is why there is over 15,000 tons of nuclear waste being stored and/or burned when its use is finished. The...

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