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Letter: Thoughts on environmentalism

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Is environmentalism a good thing? Of course it is as long as it is directed at caring for the earth. What you are seeing promoted today as environmentalism is a totally different thing, created and supported by globalists. To fully comprehend this, you must understand its origins and its goals.

When the old Soviet Union collapsed, everyone celebrated the death of Communism in Russia. Nothing could be further from the truth. Communism simply switched its weapons of choice for defeating Capitalism. Instead of a direct military confrontation with the United States, a much softer and stealthier method was devised. Communists knew that Communism could not coexist with property rights and freedom. So a method was devised to destroy those two cornerstones of America. That method is radical environmentalism designed to be implemented through the United Nations.

There are two men most responsible for this. One is Communist Maurice Strong, Secretary General of t...

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