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Letter: Thoughts on CRT

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

It happened sooner than I imagined in this paper, but I must respond to the two letters supporting Critical Race Theory (CRT) from last week. First, I do not think any good citizen wants any part of our history hidden from our students.

We are not a perfect nation, and we should be teaching students an unbiased version of our past. However, CRT is not that, by a long shot. It is promoted by the far-left Progressive movement, supported by the NEA and the teachers’ unions. One writer stated it has no relation to the communist Chinese reeducation system. She is wrong. Where the Chinese controlled their population according to class—the ruling elite and everyone else—CRT seeks to control the population by creating a racial divide.

The two letters, by their omissions, illustrate how insidious CRT really is. Under the guise of teaching a true history, CRT teaches students from an early age two tenets. Number one, because of a history of slavery, which ended...

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