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Letter: ‘Thou shall not murder’

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

It’s especially disconcerting to me that G-J letter writer Charlotte Hollings (“Where do we draw the line?” Sept. 20 Readers Write) posited her pro-abortion and pro progressive political opinions during last week’s celebration of the U.S. Constitution. Some readers might remember the Constitution as the guiding principle of our nation’s concept of “rule of law.” And that it includes the Founders’ respect for virtue and morality. 

Ms. Hollings chides those who rightly consider our guiding principles as a continuum of those laws on the tablets that Moses brought down from the mountaintop. Words do mean things and scholars have informed us that the translation of the 6th Commandment in ancient times was “Thou shall not murder.” It had little to do with hunting animals for food or rallying a militia to fight off tyrannical regimes bent on taking away individuals’ freedom.

According to its 201...

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