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Letter: Thou shall not change history

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

I’m not liking how things are going right here in Virginia. Everything has been so nice and peaceful to the point where everyone was kind and friendly to each other, not destroying history for what it really is.

Ever since George Floyd died all Hell broke loose. People started protesting, changing school and street names that had been named after our proud Confederate leaders, removing the Confederate statues and more.

I believe that people need to stop to read the Bible and relearn God’s Words.

Almost a year or two ago I nearly lost a really good friend who I go to Newington Baptist Church with, due to gang violence. I remember when I met him three years ago at Newington as we were being baptized by Pastor Jim Evans. I was so nervous when I had to go first, but I asked Pastor Jim to let him and his dad go ahead of me. As I sat in my wheelchair to watch my friend that gave me the encouragement to be baptized since I was afraid to go underneath the ...

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