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Letter: This is unity?

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Democrats, please be aware that the 1st Amendment is for all Americans. The 1st Amendment was written for the purpose of all Americans to speak their minds. Nowhere in the Constitution does it say that these rights are only for people who vote for one particular party.

The left has used “cancel culture” to harass and quiet non-Democrats; Democrat leaders have called for violence against non-Democrats, by Maxine Waters. Now the Constitution is being mistreated and redefined as rights only for the left. You are sadly mistaken. Name calling, lies, threats, election fraud does nothing to unite the country. Biden uses a word like unity while he and his ilk are treating non-Democrats like we do not deserve a position in the USA.

The media, print and social, is 99 percent in the tank for Democrats. They have lied, misled, withheld the truth and harassed non-Democrats. This is unity? Stories printed by media frauds are 90 percent against Trump and his followe...

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