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Letter: Think of others, wear a mask

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

I was shocked and dismayed to find hardly anyone wearing masks in the grocery stores. That is very thoughtless behavior on the part of our residents. The staff of our stores is good enough to keep working and stocking our stores so that we can feed ourselves. Covering our faces and maybe wearing gloves is not too much to ask in return.

I hope all stores will institute a rule. No mask? No entry!

We all have scarfs or can improvise something out of a bandana and some rubber bands. It’s not difficult. There are plenty of instructions on the internet. YouTube has plenty of how-to videos, Just search on “how to make a mask.”Nobody has the right to put others in danger. Do not endanger your fellow shoppers, and especially not the clerks who work at these stores. They don’t owe you their health or the health of their families.

Be courteous, at least wear a mask. Positive cases have been found in both Mathews and Gloucester. Let’s do all we can to stop it ...

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