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Letter: Things are not always as they seem

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Things are not always as they seem. We just believe whatever the loudest voices yell at us. Remember what Bruce Jenner said to Diane Sawyer?  “Oh no, I love women. I’m attracted to women.”

This means at his core, he was still a red-blooded male and this is true of many transgender people.  

Just because a girl with a twin brother dresses like a boy and convinces herself that she can pass as a boy does not mean that she is attracted to girls. And this is why she should not be allowed in the boys’ restrooms or locker rooms. 

Why not just admit men into the girls’ restrooms? It takes careful and deliberate analyzing of a subject to see all sides of it.

I applaud Gloucester County and their courage. The federal courts are wrong, but they don’t know it.

Lucy Walls

Hampton, Va. ...

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