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Letter: Then and now

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

I want you to close your eyes and imagine (Kamala Harris used this phrase) that a sovereign nation is being invaded by its neighbor. And the justification is it was once part of that nation. The president of the invading nation stated he had the right to preserve the union because of its historic roots in all of the territory of the union.

You see artillery shells dropping into major cities, hitting businesses, housing, hospitals, schools, any kind of non-military target you can think of. They’re killing more civilians than military personnel, including women and children. They have encircled the cities and no food or medical supplies can get through the tight rein they had imposed on the cities. Their plan of attack is to hammer them into submission, no matter who they kill, and the civilians got the worst of it.

While they are busy laying siege, back home they are rioting in the street, and they want to enlist more conscripts to go off fighting, and...

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