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Letter: Theberge’s heavy-handed tactics disturbing

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Here is a consideration for Gloucester readers regarding board of supervisors’ candidate Louise Theberge before voting in the Republican primary on June 11.

I attended many Middle Peninsula Planning District Commission meetings as a citizen during the time Ms. Theberge was its chairman. Two incidents stand out that I find very disturbing, though there were many: 1) During one of the meetings, a film crew was taping. No answer to our query as to whom the "press" was. Days later, we found out it was Al Jazeera! Attendees should have been informed of this before the meeting started. 2) At this same meeting, during the initial three-minute comment period, several citizens had taken a great deal of time to prepare comments addressing ongoing environmental issues the MPPDC was pursuing. Apparently the rules had been changed and the three-minute comment period would now only permit items on the agenda to be addressed. Problem: The agenda had not been poste...

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