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Letter: The will of the people

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

On Tuesday, Dec. 17, Mathews County joined 97 other counties to adopt a Second Amendment Sanctuary status. Similar measures have been adopted by more counties, bringing the total number to over 100. This works out to be nearly 80 percent of the political entities and over 90 percent of the land in the Commonwealth. What do we take away from this?

1. Given the huge majority, Ms. Dubois’s [Mathews County supervisor Amy Dubois] “concern” over an adverse effect on tourism is laughable.

2. The super majority of the Commonwealth adopting Second Amendment Sanctuary status dispels the Governor’s claim that the recent election was a mandate for gun control. In fact, the opposite is true; the overwhelming majority of the Commonwealth has demonstrated a mandate against further infringement on their Constitutional rights.

3. The Governor’s threat to call on the National Guard to enforce proposed gun control has aggravated tensions to a cri...

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