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Letter: The voices of freedom

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Thankfully, the Gazette-Journal makes room for many letters which don’t reach a daily paper. The following is taken from William F. Buckley’s book, "Miles Gone By," and the chapter titled "Why don’t we complain": "An editor of a national weekly newsmagazine told me a few years ago that as few as a dozen letters of protest against an editorial stance of his magazine were enough to convene a plenipotentiary meeting of the board of editors to review the policy. So few people complain, or make their voices heard, that we assume a dozen letters represent the inarticulated views of thousands of readers."

While there are too many who abuse the right to free speech or protest whatever they don’t like, the majority of our citizens are silent except when speaking about issues at home or with friends who feel the same way. This reluctance has paved the way for what we see and hear now, the almost daily ugliness t...

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