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Letter: The VA: A victim or a corrupt department?

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

The Veterans Administration, our newest victim or another corrupt government department? Are veterans dying while waiting for medical care? Yes, people all over the planet die while awaiting medical care. It is a matter of fact and a shame. But is it a crime?

If your doctor can’t see you for months, you have two choices: wait and risk the consequences, or go somewhere else. If your insurance won’t cover it or you can’t afford the treatment, it is still your decision. If it is life threatening, an emergency room will help.

These are facts all people face when making medical decisions. If you die waiting, did your doctor or, in this case, the VA do wrong? I think it is a shame, but no. Personal responsibility must always be considered.

Are we living up to our promise to care for veterans? Never have and never will. Medical care, whether public, private or governmental, are constrained by many of the same factors—budget and patient popu...

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