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Letter: The ‘Save the Bay’ boondoggle

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

The Gazette-Journal’s March 16 editorial (“Save the Bay”) citing “significant progress” was a concern. The commentaries and reports I’ve read indicate that a majority of the Chesapeake Bay is still in critical condition with little sign of improvement. On March 23, George DeMarco, another reader, shared similar concerns.

Where does all that money go, I wonder. Who is in charge of auditing the accounts and measuring the progress? “Saving the Bay” gives our politicians a platform on which to blow campaign smoke and receive votes. However, the research has been done. The regulations have been written. So what’s up? Why is the problem still so invasive and persistent after all these years and billions of dollars?

Several years ago, the PBS program “Frontline” simultaneously investigated Puget Sound in Washington state and our Chesapeake Bay as dying entities. It was painful to watch. The cause? In...

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