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Letter: The RMA is taking away landowners’ rights

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

First, most people don’t understand the RMA or the RPA, and the previous articles are very misleading. There are not 29 counties that are a total RMA, of some of the counties the writer listed, Middlesex and York are not total RMA, that’s just to name two. The total Resource Management Area for Gloucester is taking away your rights to use your land and put more government control over your land.

If the county is a total RMA, that means you won’t be able to have a garden, garage, porch or add on to your house without a permit and pay a $100 fee, plus post a bond once you use more than a 50’x50’ area. If the county decides not to be a total RMA, then you can use up to 10,000 square feet or a 100’x100’ space.

Second, this previous article refers to the Business Focus Group and how they stated that relaxing the RMA would not encourage business growth. Well, I was on the Business Focus Group and I didn’t see Mr. Ole...

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