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Letter: The Right to Bear Arms

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

The founders knew and understood the fallacies involved in human nature and sought to create a government least likely to succumb to base instincts and to preserve the dignity of humanity by crafting a set of laws known as the Constitution. Every Amendment of our Constitution was thoroughly crafted and the pros and cons involved great debate and consideration by both the Federalists and the Anti Federalists.

Fortunately and by the good graces of God, the rule of law via the Constitution has prevailed in America, even after a civil war over many of the issues created by the Constitution. Our Constitution has preserved our nation, freedom and rights through cultural upheavals that have destroyed lesser nations. We must continue to bear true faith and allegiance to this inspired document and the law that it represents. 

Does anyone believe that gun control in America will somehow be different than that of the violent outcomes of the numerous countries that...

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