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Letter: The Republican Party’s nonchalance

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Unfortunately, many within the ranks of the Republican Party appear unable to shake the malaise of lethargy of the Republican Party’s nonchalance. I frequently hear Republicans lament the Tea Party and act as if the Tea Party is usurping the Republican issues, when in fact, the Tea Party could have formed a third party and possibly left the Republican Party irrelevant.

What many Republicans fail to understand and accept is the Tea Party has breathed new life into the Republican Party. The Tea Party movement is a direct result of a grassroots movement to restore American exceptionalism and values to the political process. Further, if the Republican Party fails to recognize the Tea Party as a legitimate grassroots movement, the Tea Party may well form a separate party where Republicans may well be the third party. I firmly believe that should the Republican Party rank and file continue its malaise of mediocrity towards American values and continues wi...

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