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Letter: The reason we’re no. 47

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

What do they call a member of the Virginia General Assembly who votes against the wishes of the National Rifle Association (NRA)? A one-termer. What do they call a candidate for a seat in any legislature in the 50 states that does not receive money provided by the super PACs? A loser. What do they say to any Republican who does not sign the American for Tax Reform "no tax pledge?" See ya.

As a result of a Supreme Court decision, big money plays the central role in every election. What do organizations such as the NRA, Americans for Tax Reform and the super PACs get in return for the millions of dollars that they supply to candidates in every election? They expect, and usually get, the undying loyalty of legislators to follow the mandates of these powerful lobbies. What does this say about our legislative and government process? Well, it certainly says that money talks, and the reality is that when money talks, the elected officials do the biddin...

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