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Letter: The reason behind the anger

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

It’s amazing to watch the white response to the black response to the recent not-to-indict decisions. You’ve gotta love it when people who have not traditionally been systematically subjected to police brutality instruct those who have to just swallow it.

Anger is a real matter that cannot always be adjusted to the levels convenient for the general public. It festers when a young black man in a town that is 70 percent black never sees a black police officer. It starts to heat up some when they can’t find a job but newly-arrived immigrants seem to have a corner market on the corner markets that sell only overpriced Red Bull and Swisher cigars, condescension included. It heats up some when they know that the judge will find the HaHa they’ve been smoking less amusing, statistically, than the HaHa white kids get busted with.

Then another rise when they hear, year after year, the first black president in American history called names that ...

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