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Letter: The real question is tolerance

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

I believe the tail is wagging the dog: that is, a very small minority, but very vocal, is driving the monument controversy … and dare I say it, wild-eyed radical Democrats/socialists? Also, I note many of the letters are not well researched.

However, the real question is tolerance: If a minority wants Confederate memorials torn down, what about Vietnam memorials? It was an unpopular war and we killed thousands and thousands of Vietnamese. Do the Vietnamese immigrants have the right to tear down these memorials?

What about Japanese demanding our WWII memorial be removed? After all, millions of innocent Japanese died as a result of our bombing, and those who lived here in the U.S. were sent to concentration camps. What about the Germans?

Memorials are built to remember the fallen soldiers who died for their cause, no matter whether we feel it was right or wrong.

Robert L. PetersenMathews, Va.

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