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Letter: The real polluters

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Mr. Knupp’s letter of May 2 (“Denying climate change,” Readers Write) is proof you can work statistics to say whatever you like. His biggest numeric manipulation comes in using global population in comparison with a portion of the U.S. population that polls show (whose?) don’t believe in climate change. A few problems here: 1.) What percentage of the population within each country doesn’t believe in climate change, or has even heard of it? 2.) What was the sample of the U.S. population in the poll? What demographics were used as parameters (urban/rural, socio-economic, education level, etc.)? 3.) How were the questions in the poll structured? Depending on all these factors, I submit a much larger figure than Mr. Knupp’s 1.8 percent is indicated.

From a chemistry and physics standpoint, Mr. Knupp is dead wrong on one point. He wrote, “Climate change is already affecting people, and the more carbon we produce, the more ...

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