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Letter: The pro-life generation

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Since the federal government and some state governments are pro-abortion, it is important to realize that abortions are voluntary, not mandatory. Pro-lifers can continue to choose life for their unborn children, and choose abortion only in extreme cases. Pro-abortionists can continue/increase aborting their unborn children, thereby reducing their numbers in the future.

This results in the pro-life generation being a very large majority of the population. They were born in the U.S. after Jan. 22, 1973. They survived their time in the womb, thanks to pro-life decisions by their mothers, and despite the Supreme Court decisions and efforts of abortionists. Excluding immigrants, they make up most of the people in the U.S. under 48 years old. They are a large part of the military, police, EMTs, firefighters, and other important organizations.

Many are in their childbearing ages of 15 to 44 years old. Those over 18 are about 55 percent of the voting age popu...

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