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Letter: The poison from the left

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

I have lived long enough to have voted for president many times, the first time for Kennedy, because I believed he was a good man with Christian morals. Since then, there have been many presidents I have been thankful for because they didn’t shame us. Those that did shame us were mostly Democrats.

Since Mr. Trump became the Republican nominee, the left has become hysterical and some of the media also. They complain about his wealth, but that wealth should relieve any worry that Mr. Trump can be bought, as a past president was.

At this point, Americans who love and respect our country should be supporting him, because this is what our Constitution calls for and, if we fail to do so, then we are the ones making problems. Grow up. We can’t always get our own way and sometimes it has been good that we didn’t.

Dawn Dale

Hayes, Va. ...

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