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Letter: The people deserve better

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

There is an axiom involving government that is worthwhile remembering: “A people deserve the government that they elect.” Unfortunately, that axiom has come into question with the Nov. 3 presidential election and, more recently, that of the Georgia U.S. Senate elections. No matter one’s political affiliations or of the matter of evidence of election fraud, a considerable number of Americans believe that election fraud has occurred and remained convinced that any number of political offices will be illegally held.

No doubt this is viewed by many as a matter of conjecture; however, the glaring fact remains that many have come to view the election proceedings as having been corrupted with the resultant loss of faith in the process.

No matter one’s political affiliation, this perception (real or imagined) cannot be permitted to continue as it contradicts that which forms the very basis and foundation of our republic. It behooves the political establishmen...

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