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Letter: The ‘party first’ label can be applied to Democrats

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

In light of the gathering storm of scandal surrounding the Obama administration, I find Kathryn Thompson’s accusations (May 23 Readers Write) about the GOP’s purported "party-first" mentality and "infiltration by right-wing wing-nuts" particularly laughable.

Perhaps Ms. Thompson and other liberals can explain the "people-first" philosophy of the Obama administration’s abandonment of four Americans at a burning consulate in Benghazi in a vain attempt to retain the "Obama killed al-Qaeda" narrative. How about the IRS’ aggressive pursuit of conservative groups, and the ironically named "Justice" Department’s aggressive inquisition into the phone records of journalists? All these occurrences direct to a single confluence … the securing, by all means necessary—at the expense of American lives and freedom—the reelection of Barack Obama. So who again is following a "party first" philosophy?

If opposition to a sc...

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