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Letter: The Parable of the Talking Trees

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

When I heard that the Supreme Court had ruled 5 to 4 against the Defense of Marriage Act, I was very distressed. Marriage has forever been defined as the act of uniting one man and one woman. The Supreme Court decision caused me to question the kind of leaders we have elected. Judges of the Supreme Court are not elected by the people, they are appointed by the president the Americans elect. Appointed judges usually reflect the same world view as the president who appoints them. Two liberal judges on the current court were appointed by a liberal Democratic president. The decision on the Defense of Marriage Act reflects their world view.

Recently I viewed a sermon titled "The Parable of the Talking Trees," taken from the Book of Judges, Chapter 9. The message clearly conveyed to me was that "we must be careful who we choose to lead us because there could be grave consequences." The scriptures reveal how Israel made the wrong choice in selecting a leader.


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