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Letter: The other half

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Last week, a writer asked, “What am I missing?” My answer is, the other half of his analysis of current events. Without question, there are destructive elements, people who willingly defy the rule of law within the many protest movements across the country. But, the majority of these protesters are there to peacefully demonstrate to elected officials their belief in the fact of systemic racism.

The racism I speak of doesn’t have its origins simply in the highly visible confrontations with law enforcement, but rather in hundreds of years of second class and unequal treatment of people of color or, in some cases, those who stood up for them.

Last Thursday evening, PBS broadcast two programs on the life of John Lewis. Both films should be a required part of all middle school curricula.

I also disagree with the writer’s view that our history has been the greatest experiment for the betterment of the common man. To me, that means all of us. Unfortunatel...

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