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Letter: The origins of checkers and chess

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Have you ever wondered who invented checkers or chess? I have. Well, historians now believe that the earliest form of checkers was a game discovered by archaeologists at an ancient city called Ur in Iraq. It was probably played around 3000 B.C. It was also played in ancient Egypt as far back as 1400 B.C.

And checkers is much older than chess. It was somewhere in the northern part of India, around the start of the sixth century that historians believe people first played an early version of chess called Chaturanga. The game eventually spread to Persia, Southern Europe, Spain and Portugal. The game was known as shah and, over time, English and Germanic versions of the game became closer and closer to the word chess.

Checkers and chess are here to stay. And there is nothing wrong with having plain, old-fashioned, great, clean fun. Psst! Got time for a quick game of checkers or chess with me?

Elaine White

Saluda, Va. ...

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