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Letter: The new America

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

I’d like to pass along some comments that I heard recently from Bill Maher and thought they were worth sharing, a little food for thought:

When a country slides into Authoritarianism you don’t get a text alert. The buses will still be running, things look the same on the surface, cops are still patrolling, you can still get your hair done, and still watch your favorite show on TV.

Americans are always worried that when we lose our freedom things will look like the movie Red Dawn with tanks in the street. That’s not how a Republic ends. We keep the names on the institutions, we just change what’s inside. We still have trials; we just don’t have witnesses. You still subpoena people; they just don’t show up. You still have the EPA; but it works for the coal companies now.  Russia has a pretend parliament, so does China and North Korea.  

At first if you disagree with the guy at the top, you lose your job, then...

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