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Letter: The mess our land is in

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Kudos to Captain Truscott for his letter to the editor (“The plan of the left,” July 12 Readers Write). He really hit the nail on the head, but he didn’t drive it home. Let me do that now. Since the inauguration of our President, 

I have watched as the left has rioted, assaulted and obstructed at every opportunity. I have reached the conclusion that they seek nothing less than the destruction of our Republic; and yes, we are a Republic, not a Democracy. To achieve this, the left is counting on the politeness of the right.

What would have been the attitude of the left if the right had acted this way to the Obama administration? Jimmy Carter was quoted as saying if you didn’t support Barack Obama you were probably a racist. A bakery couldn’t refuse service even on religious grounds, and George Zimmerman was tried for the crime of defending himself. Yet, we couldn’t riot, assault or refuse service. Those are the rules; o...

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